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Citizen Journalism on Ulitzer If you’re seeking wealth and fame, journalism might not be your best choice. No one enters the field to get rich, and only a few ever become famous. An entry-level journalist will barely earn enough to survive if a job is even available in today’s shrinking journalism job market. Even experienced beat reporters don’t live in the rich part of town. The only people receiving truly handsome wages in the news media today are celebrity journalists seen on network and cable television news stations. Fame is also elusive for most journalists. Only a few become as renowned as Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the two reporters from The Washington Post who broke the story of the Watergate break-ins in the 1970s. Their front-page articles were responsible for forcing President Richard Nixon to resign. But what other famous journalists can you name? Th... (more)

CNN's Ratings Boosted by Citizen Journalism

Lately CNN's ratings have been in the ditch - often in last place against its cable news rivals. But the ratings shot up when CNN used on-the-scene citizen reporters during the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, according to The New York Times. CNN's ratings jumped more than 400 percent and brought the cable news channel 2.2 million viewers on the first day of the disaster - beating Fox News for the first time in memory by a couple of hundred thousand viewers and trouncing MSNBC's meager 558,000 viewers. CNN even came close to beating Fox News in the primetime slot (8-11 p.m.). W... (more)

Citizen Journalist’s Car Torched

A citizen journalist for a California weekly newspaper said her car was bombed in the early morning hours of Friday, Feb. 11, and now she has been asked to move out of her home. Bianca Koch, a resident of Ocean Beach and a freelance reporter who has had articles published in The Peninsula Beacon, said her 1991 BMW convertible's top and interior were completely burned out and the exterior suffered substantial damage. One of Koch's neighbors reported the fire about 5 a.m. to the San Diego Fire Department, which was able to extinguish the blaze within minutes after it began. Fire... (more)

Citizen Journalist Alert: Beware the Kryptonite

Clark Kent, the mild-mannered crime reporter for the Daily Planet who often appeared as Superman, spent his career avoiding kryptonite, the radio-active element from Superman's home planet, Krypton. Even the slightest exposure to kryptonite would drain Superman of his strength and leave him as vulnerable as any normal human being. If you want to be a super citizen journalist and "leap tall buildings with a single bound" in your career, you too must beware of kryptonite. In your career as a citizen journalist, kryptonite can come in many dangerous and nearly invisible forms. Bew... (more)

Why I Started the NACJ

Citizen Journalism on Ulitzer Citizen Journalism on Ulitzer - The National Association of Citizen Journalists was formed out of a need that I discovered as the publisher of a weekly paper in suburban Denver. For more than a decade, I published a popular, free entertainment weekly tabloid in Douglas County, Colo., that had lots of fun stuff to read and to do and lots of ads, but very little news. In 2001, I started a section in my paper that featured news items concerning local people and events. I sought the help of several active citizens expecting them to provide news for thes... (more)