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In the United States, evening television news broadcasts are losing audience. In the spring of 2008 2.5 million viewers switched off the evening news. Statistically, this is only a small percentage of the overall viewing audience; but among those still watching television, the amount of television they watch each day is declining. See this graph by the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism: Unfortunately, there is no end in sight for the declining numbers. According to, network news continued to lose audience in 2009. Now that it’s 2010, do you think the network news people have figured out the answer to this simple question, “Why does our audience continue to decline?” There are several reasons, but one glaring... (more)

Citizen Journalist Alert: Beware the Kryptonite

Clark Kent, the mild-mannered crime reporter for the Daily Planet who often appeared as Superman, spent his career avoiding kryptonite, the radio-active element from Superman's home planet, Krypton. Even the slightest exposure to kryptonite would drain Superman of his strength and leave him as vulnerable as any normal human being. If you want to be a super citizen journalist and "leap tall buildings with a single bound" in your career, you too must beware of kryptonite. In your career as a citizen journalist, kryptonite can come in many dangerous and nearly invisible forms. Bew... (more)

Handbook for Citizen Journalists – COMING SOON!

A tremendous amount of research, writing and editing has gone into this landmark book for citizen journalists being written by the National Association of Citizen Journalists’ Ron Ross and Susan Cormier. However, the book is not finished. In fact, it is still undergoing some serious rewrites and additions. Briefly, Ross writes from his perspective as a former publisher and hyper-local news website owner in need of citizen journalists. Cormier writes from her 28 years of experience in the media arts, including stints as a broadcast writer, legislative bureau chief, city editor an... (more)

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Citizen Journalist?

Citizen Journalism on Ulitzer If you’re seeking wealth and fame, journalism might not be your best choice. No one enters the field to get rich, and only a few ever become famous. An entry-level journalist will barely earn enough to survive if a job is even available in today’s shrinking journalism job market. Even experienced beat reporters don’t live in the rich part of town. The only people receiving truly handsome wages in the news media today are celebrity journalists seen on network and cable television news stations. Fame is also elusive for most journalists. Only a few becom... (more)

Getting Paid for Our Work

One way to get your message out is to post comments on blogs and news articles that discuss the subjects you are most interested in. I do that all the time. My blogging and commenting is very narrow. All I read or write about is citizen journalism. That’s about all I’ve been doing for the last two years. In my postings and comments, I always mention the National Association of Citizen Journalists and the book I co-authored, “Handbook for Citizen Journalists.”  I do that because active and aspiring citizen journalists need to be aware of the high quality of training tools that we... (more)